AEA Inc.
Full Spectrum Expertise for Electronic Warfare and Infomation Operations

Seasoned Electronic Warfare Expertise


Commercial and Government Entities


  • NEW REQUIREMENTS ENVIRONMENT.  Bridge the gap in the challenging capabilities based environment for cross cutting EW programs.  We understand a high demand mission area no longer well understood in DoD.


  • BROAD PERSPECTIVE, SINGLE FOCUS.  EW is all we do.  We bring non-kinetic effects-based focus to your effort with an understanding of kinetic warfare across the conflict spectrum.


  • NON TRADITIONAL EW EXPERIENCE.  Engage frontline GWOT experience against prolific and advancing wireless target sets transforming ground, sea and air warfare.


  • JSEAD & BEYOND We develop advanced JSEAD CONOPs utilizing synergistic effects of EW, signature and advanced weapons


  • SET APART— RARE JOINT EXPERTISE.  Joint CONOPs from Joint Warfighters who employed Army EW platforms and premier AF and USN Electronic Attack aircraft Specialists in Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) worldwide.

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